Hey All,

“Sunday Joint” is the new name for what has so far been called (yawn) the “Encyclopedia of Surfing Newsletter.” The “joint” here refers not to a blunt, but rather a big all-in meal served on Sunday afternoon for gathered friends and family. Or actually, what the hell, it refers to the blunt and meal both, and a juke joint too—and this newsletter.

The latest History of Surfing chapter is “An Explosion of Talent,” and it focuses mostly on Gary Elkerton and Mark Occhilupo. On Instagram, I posted a tight-cropped version of this Hugh McLeod pic of Kong and sidekick Chappy Jennings, which is the surfiest Dead End Kids thing ever caught on film. I like the full-frame version you see here, because of the pure filth on the boys’ feet, which I swear I did not Photoshop. Even the Dead End Kids would have kicked Chappy out of the clubhouse if he walked in with those feet.

Encyclopedia of Surfing

Claude Codgen is the latest addition to Above the Roar. Mike Tabeling said that Claude was the David Nuuhiwa of East Coast surfing. See what you think, here’s a new Codgen video, which really takes off when Claude paddles out on his brand-new vee-bottom, I’m guessing in the spring of 1968, and you see him actually figuring out, wave by wave, how to begin to ride this radical new equipment.

Encyclopedia of Surfing

Thanks for reading, everyone, and see you next week!


[Photos: Hugh McLeod, Ron Stoner]