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I made a bad decision last year, creating two new independent sites (History of Surfing and Above the Roar), instead of just folding both into Encyclopedia of Surfing, as smarter people were advising. Fixing that error was my first order of business after the fundraiser, and last week all three sites were transferred to Whole new domain. Short and surfy! Apart from looking and sounding better, kicks me over to the next bit of EOS remodeling, which is an updated paywall. This will be trickier, and we’re still in the research phase, but the idea is that EOS subscribers will have a menu of choices with regard to price, payment method, and payment schedule. More on this as things progress, but the idea is to give everybody more flexibility with their subscription.

Meanwhile, we’re building out two more EOS environments. Above the Roar was going to be the last one, but these two sections are so EOS-obvious—wish I could tell you what they are right now, and sorry to be all mysterious. Allow me to roll things a little further up the track and I’ll spill.

Encyclopedia of Surfing

“Kook Straps, Cadillacs, and Sex Wax” is the latest History of Surfing page. Up next is “Surf Leash ’72: All Tied Up,” featuring Corky Carroll’s pros-and-cons article on leashes, as well as this video, the making of which was the highlight of my week.

Before I go, one last word on the domain transfer. As far as I can tell from reviewing the site these last few days, everything seems to be working fine. But it was a huge amount of data to move around, and I’m still on high alert in terms of how the site is working. If you spot a glitch or run into any kind of weirdness, please let me know.

Thanks everybody, and talk soon!


[Photos: Art Brewer, Bernie Baker]

Encyclopedia of Surfing