Hey All,

Last week, EOS dev czar Mark Augias threw a switch and murmured the sacred Dev-Coder Incantation and became, and lo, it was good. From long and untypeable to short and surfy. A perfect URL makeover, and any of you experiencing a performance issue in which you could get access to EOS but not HOS and Roar, your problems are over. More improvements and upgrades are in the pipeline, stand by please!

“Blame it on the Boogie,” last week’s History of Surfing post, led to this bouncy Tom Morey Roar interview, and this blog post in which I calculate Morey’s bullshit-to-genius ratio at 2-to-3. If you’re like me, you enjoy the bullshit as much as the genius. It is the very definition of cruel irony that this man of vision has recently lost his sight. (More here on Tom’s condition.)

Encyclopedia of Surfing

Late Friday morning I finished a long-overdue Jackie Baxter video, hit “upload,” and pushed back from the computer with a deserving “Warshaw, you’ve done it again” finger-kiss . . . and realized I’d forgotten to add the Bamm-Bamm bits. Jackie was (still is) a strong and friendly sort, and the Bamm-Bamm nickname fit him like a snug leopard-skin loincloth, and dammit there went my afternoon as I opened the clip back up and added the necessary Flintstone flavor.

Encyclopedia of Surfing

We’re heading into Morning of the Earth week here at Encyclopedia of Surfing. Vape pens at the ready, everyone, and three cheers for Alby Falzon!


[Photos: Ron Stoner, Art Brewer]