1966 International Surfing Hall of Fame Awards

Duke Kahanamoku, Dewey Weber, Mickey Dora, George Downing, Greg Noll, Phil Edwards, Mike Doyle, Buzzy Trent, Bob Simmons, Hoppy Swarts, Pete Peterson, Joyce Hoffman, David Nuuhiwa, Jeff Hakman, Bernie Ross, Dick Catri, Mimi Munro, Gary Propper
Governing Body:
International Surfing magazine

"International Surfing Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony," Surfing, August 1966 The Hall of Fame awards ceremony at the Santa Monica Civic was the most impressive event that the sport of surfing has seen to date. It was really great to see guys like Con Colburn, Dave Sweet, “Gordie,” Bob Carbonell, and Bing Copeland setting the style parade in their dapper tuxedos, instead of in their usual attire cov...

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