1967 International Surfing Hall of Fame Awards

Nat Young, Joyce Hoffman, David Nuuhiwa, Ricky Grigg, Fred Hemmings, Sharron Weber, Jock Sutherland, Corky Carroll, Gary Propper, Mimi Munro, Claude Codgen, Felipe Pomar, Gail Couper, Peter Drouyn, Greg MacGillivray, Don James, Pete Peterson
Governing Body:
International Surfing magazine

"From the Editor's Desk," Surfing Magazine, Nov 1967 The original members of Surfing’s Hall of Fame, like baseball and football Halls of Fame, were chosen by leading authorities in the sport. An international congress of surfers who have been in the sport for a number of years, who have made a name for themselves, and for the most part can give a qualified, objective opinion, were chosen in 1966 ...

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