Lisa Andersen Surfs Better Than You

When Surfer published an article titled “Sexism Sucks” in 1993, it brought down a shower of hate mail, including one letter that began, “Hello, I'm a chauvinist pig,” and finished with, “I'll give a chick respect when she can surf big waves, hold her liquor, and acknowledge the dominant gender.”

Surfing’s second boom—the 1980s beachwear-driven surge that turned the sport into a billion-dollar industry—was kneecapped in 1990 by a recession and a consumer market suddenly repulsed by neon boardshorts and scrawly ethnic-print T-shirts. Red ink splattered across the surf industry power centers of Costa Mesa, Biarritz, Sydney, and Torquay. Dozens of new companies imploded, and a few established...

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